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For Youtube mp4, use above box to search videos with smart assistance and suggestions.
If nothing can be found or for video sites other than Youtube, you can copy & paste video URL.
Or just use popular music videos we picked.

Here's how you can download videos from Youtube to your device:

  • STEP 1: open Youtube video in app or browser, then copy video link from the share menu or browser address bar
  • STEP 2: open and paste video link into the white box on top of the page, click download
  • STEP 3: wait for download options, then select desired format and download file; Mp3 converter option is there too
  • DescargarVideosGratis helps download Youtube videos

    It is very easy to download Youtube. With our amazing, free, unlimited Youtube to mp3 converter, it is also easy to download any Youtube video as mp3 file of the highest quality. And of course there's lots of other sites that supports and helps with video downloads from. Check it out, look around, here are the main features of this site...

    Download Youtube videos

    Easy convert Youtube videos to various formats and download to your device. Free, unlimited, secure.

    Convert Youtube to mp3

    Convert any Youtube video to mp3 and keep your music library up to date without a sweat.

    Download Facebook video

    Facebook video downloader is a part of the multitude of websites supported for download.

    Save Dailymotion videos

    Convert Dailymotion videos and episodes to all formats and download, really 100% working method.

    Search Youtube videos. Download Youtube playlist.

    If you are downloading Youtube videos - you can use our built-in search, it'll help quickly find up to 20 videos that may or maynot be the ones you seek. Just make sure to remember: if search feature doesn't work right now, you can always copy video URL from Youtube or any other website, and paste it into the white box on top, hit download button and see if we can help download that video as mp4 file to your device. Hint: usually we can.

    Informational.. MP4 or Mpeg-4 part 14 is a ditial multimedia data container format that is mostly used to store video and audio, but can also include other formats and entities, such subtitles and simply repeated images. Like most video formats these days, it allows streaming over the Internet. Usually such video container will be distinguished by .mp4 file extension. Such files can be played in an Mp4 Media Player (VLC, KMX, WMP are popular). Such players allow switching between multiple audio and/or subtitles tracks often included in nowadays streaming services for multi-area broadcasting and streaming. Now DescargarVideosGratis is the place for your Mpeg-4 file downloads. If you follow instructions, bring a video page URL and let us check it out, we'll most likely be able to provide you with downloadable links to the video formats and files available to stream that video. All you end up doing is stream it one time to your device of choice, and after that simply treat it as some DVR-ed content, that you recorded some time ago and now accessing at leisure in free downtime period.

    Originally Mpeg-4 was an instance of more general ISO mp4 specification, which in turn comes from QuickTime media file format. First Mpeg-4 specifications and formats were published back in 2001, Version 1, then replaced by Version 2 in 2003, which persists now. Mpeg-4 is still 4, but version of its format is number 2. Currently video files saved as Mp4 format must include so-called Atom that describes video and helps media player properly count-down frames in video stream, etc. It's like ID-tags of an mp3 file, although mpeg-4 cannot exist without Atom file, so it's always included in the beginning or end of the file. But it needs whole file to process the video and post all the info, making mp4 useless for streaming in big videos or live videos. Big videos are simply split into many many little pieces, called usually Transport Mpeg stream, while live videos are also supplied as little files, all in all, always including small Atom versions in every file, that's why stream size is usually 10-15% more than a file on your desktop, because of the excessive atoms everywhere... More information can be found online, Wikipedia and Google can help future scientific research into Mpeg-4.

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    Shortcut a.k.a. bookmarklet is for desktop or laptop users. Drag it to the bookmarks in your browser to save it. Then open Youtube video and click this bookmark. New browser tab will show up, where Descargarvideosgratis will display download links for this video you were just watching on Youtube. Pick your quality option and download. This shortcut allows to skip video URL copy-pasting part.